02 November 2008

B.J. - The Final

Barak vs. John.
The final is almost here. If you don't mind click over to squidoo.com/exitpoll and take the quick poll about if you are going to vote. And another quick poll about who you plan to vote for. After the election the page will be updated with a poll about if you did vote and who actually got your vote. Thanks. Your vote counts.

31 October 2008

What I Want for Halloween

What do I want for halloween? I want some candy corn. I want to come and find my wife in one of these costumes or something similar!

Not so sure about these two though... yes to one and not so much to the other!

23 August 2008

Feels So... Good For My Health?

According to an article in the September 2008 issue(p.169) of Men's Health, masturbation is good for your health.

A 2004 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that men who ejaculated 21 or more times a month were 33 percent less likely to develop prostate cancer. It appears that regularly evacuating your system may keep cancer-causing chemicals from building up in your prostrate.

Yet another reason for the cause. I'm just not so sure that evacuating your system so much would really lead to a reduction in prostrate cancer. What are the other factors involved with this study? Maybe these low risk guys eat a certain type of meal, work out at the gym, work as stockbrokers. Guess I know what needs to be done for better health. I love how it feels but I just don't have the time to fit in that many sessions. Really though, there are too many other things that need to get done for me to spend as much time as I would have to allow for this type of therapy. But, in the name of good health, I can (or will?) commit to this project.

So how do you squeeze all the time in needed to get over 21+ sessions?

Vitamin Use Linked To Weight Loss

This is an article taken from the summer 2008 issue of the Health Journal:

Regular multivitamin use may reduce appetite in women aiming to lose weight, and is linked with lower body weight and fat mass in men, according to findings from Laval University, Quebec.

The study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, indicates that food restrictions, the basis of many diets, also reduces the body's intake of essential nutrients, which can affect hunger. This could be because some vitamins and minerals are involved in the synthesis of various hormones and signalling pathways in the brain that control food intake, suggest the researchers.

Vitamins. Are they good for you or just a waste of money and time? I have a hard time to consistently take my vitamins. I figure though it is worth it to take them for me. For the most part I use just a daily multi. My meals are very randomly placed through the day and not always the best of quality (I like the junk food).

The kids take the Bugs Bunny multi-s on an irregular basis... pretty much for the same reason. Just to top it up.

What's your take on multivitamins? Do you take them? Notice a difference? Take them regularly? Think they are a waste of time? Weigh in...

07 August 2008

How much is too much?

How much is too much? Is there a reasonable limit to what one should pay for water?

How to lose 80lbs in six months

Now I've watched the movie 'Supersize Me' and seen the benefit of eating McD's over a period of time. Quite a sight. It didn't stop me from eating there, although it did help create awareness of making the right choices in what I pick to eat.

I just finished reading an article in our regional newspaper from about two months ago which is why I am on this topic. It was from the Associated Press about a man in Quinton, Va. The headline is "Man sheds 80 pounds over six months by eating at McDonald's". Here is the rest of the article.

A Virginia man lost about 80 pounds in six months by eating nearly every meal at McDonald's.

Not Bic Macs, french fries and chocolate shakes, but salads, wraps and apple dippers without the caramel sauce.

Chris Coleson tipped the scales at 278 pounds in December. The 5-foot-8 Coleson now weighs 198 pounds and his waist size has dropped from 50 to 36. The 42-year-old businessman form Quinton says he chose McDonald's because it's convenient.

So, we may have a new Jared. I think that it is great that he has lost 80lbs and just as great that he used McD's to get it done. It comes back to one thing. Making the right choices. Actually, it might be two things. It also takes the action to do the right thing. You can make the right choices, but you still need to follow through on it.

19 July 2008

Spread It Thick

The first Ferrero hazelnut and cocoa spread was created in the 1940s by a pastry maker called Pietro Ferrero (founder of the Ferrero company) in Piedmont, Italy. The product was known as "pasta gianduja", ("pasta" which means paste and "gianduja" which is the name of a carnival character famous to the region; this character can be found in the first advertisements for the product) This original form of the product was actually made in loaves and wrapped in tinfoil, so it could be sliced and placed on bread for mothers to make sandwiches for their children. Many children would throw away the bread and only eat the pasta gianduja! So Mr. Ferrero altered the product into a paste that could be spread on bread and packaged it in a jar. This version came to be known as "Supercrema gianduja" and was eventually renamed NUTELLA® in 1964.

We became victims to this brand while on vacation in Italy. It was everywhere and it was delicious. When we returned home from our trip, Nutella quickly made its way onto the shopping list and on our cupboards where it sits now, mostly empty!

103 questions raised

One Hundred & Three Questions People Might Ask

001. Whens the last time you ran?
At our camp racing away from my oldest son!

002. Do your jeans have rips, tears, and holes in them?
Yes, one of my work pants has a hole right below the zipper.

03. What are you dreading right now?
counting things

004. Do you celebrate 4/20?

006. Favorite ice cream?
Chocolate chip cookie dough

007. When was your last doctor's visit?
Almost two months ago.

008. Do you get the full 8 hours of sleep a night?
Hardly ever at all... and certainly not in a row.

010. Do you believe in 'True love at first sight'?
I think so... i put my all into one... relying that she does the same.

011. What do you think of global warming?
It is a real problem although it seems hard to realize what we can do to make the difference when so many people think that there is no problem at all.

012. If anyone came to your house on your "lazy days" what would they see?
They'd see more than they'd want to see... and not just talking about the mess...

014. Have you ever been on your school's track team?
I was the track team... so, um... yes. (200M in 24s: far from great, but my best fastest 200M)

015. Do you own a pair of Converse?
Not any more, although i did have a pair of origional weapons back in the day

017. Do you eat raw cookie dough?
Used to all the time, but now it just seems weird to go in the bakery and dip into the batter.

018. Have you ever kicked a vending machine
Yes... i don't think that it learned it's lesson.

019. Don't you hate when the radio ruins good songs by playing them over and over?
Sometimes, but then if the some is real good then it should sound good over and over again.

021. Do you watch Trading Spaces?
No, but it I have a book about the show.

022. How do you eat oreos?
I split them in half, peel off the white to eat, lick the rest off then eat the cookies one side at a time.

023. Do you ever stay online for a really long time waiting for someone?
I have... just for my wife and I am still waiting. But really, it's me waiting for her to get offline so I can get through to her!

024. Are you cocky?
Not so much.

030. Could you live without a computer?
Today- yes.

031. Do you wear your shoes in the house?
When I am ready to leave the house. The rest of the time it is preferred to be barefoot.

032. At what age did you find out Santa wasn't real?
He's real. What are you talking about!?

034. How many phones, house phones and cell phones are in your house?
That work? Eleven... and most of them don't work. Not bad considering my next door neighbor used to work for a phone company.

035. What do you do when you're sad?
Hold back the tears, draw in the walls, listen to the silence in my head, find some music.

036. Who would you call first if you won the lottery?
My wife...

037. Last time you saw your best friend?
At 6PM.

040. Who or what sleeps with you?
My best friend.

041. Are you/have you ever been in love?
I am.

043. How do you like your eggs?
Sunny side up with a slight yet firm run.

044. Are you in highschool?

045. Is anyone on your bad side right now?

046. What jewelry are you wearing?
The ring, and three necklaces.

047. What's the first thing you do when you get online?
Go to Caloriecount or Facebook.

049. Do you watch Grey's Anatomy?
Not any more. I never know when it is on and my TV reception isn't good due to where I live. I' really like to watch Lost.

050. How do most people spell your name?

051. Would you wear a boy/girlfriends clothes?
Yes. I am right now. Don't tell her!

056. What are you doing tomorrow?
Counting things at work.

057. Is Justin Timberlake becoming the next Michael Jackson?
Maybe musically, but he's a long way off from Neverland. MJ is in a catagory all of his own.

058. Favorite name for a girl?
I have a list... and some are in play.

059. Favorite name for a boy?
Same as #058.

060. Will you keep your last name when you get married?
Yes, and I did. Although I did change it before I got married.

061. Your favorite restaurant you don't get to eat much at?
Two places now... Crazy Pizza @ Risto and Barbeque Barn

062. When is the last time you left your house?
7:09AM, 18th July2008.

066. How do you like your steak?
Medium well. With a marker that says Medium well.

067. Do you return your cart?
It's about 50/50. I love to push it with force into the cart racks.

069. Do you have a dishwasher?
Yes. She is fabulous at it too!

070. What noise do you hear right now?
Bourne Ultimatum movie and my ceiling fan rotating with party streamers flapping.

071. Would you survive in prison?
I will survive!

072. Next concert you hope to go to?
Blue Men Group, Lenny Kravitz or Third Day.

073. What was the last thing you ate?
51g of Reese's Pieces with a Batman theme.

074. When was the last time you said I love you?
Around 8PM to my youngest son.

075. Who is the youngest in your family
Define 'your family'- Me, my brother or my daughter. All three are correct.

076. If all of your friends were going on a road trip, who would be most likely to go?
The Freakin Rican.

077. Do you know anyone with the same name as you?
Yes. Two others with my first and last name that I am aware of.

78. How many shoes do you own?
Too many. I used to sell footwear and would have more pairs if not limited by my wife. Smart wife.

080. When is the last time you ate peanut butter?
At 10:51pm today.

081. What brand is your cellphone?

082. What's for dinner?
It was a yummy roast ham with pineapple and cherry filled glaze, side of cream potatoes and some carrots. I have a very good cook in the family.

083. What's the last thing you purchased?
Gas for the ride home.

084. Do your siblings ever pay for stuff for you?

085. Where is your cell phone?
On the counter.

086. Is your phone on vibrate or ring?
Beeps once then vibrates.

087. What brand are your pants right now?
American Eagle.

088. Ever been to Georgia?

089. Did you eat breakfast this morning?
Strawberries and a coffee-vanilla protein shake.

090. Do you like marshmallows?
Yes to flaming death quality.

091. What irritates you most on the internet?
How hard it can be to find some things and the unwanted ads and junk emails.

092. What brand is your digital camera?

093. Do you watch movies with your parents?
Not so much.

097. Do you own expensive perfume/cologne?

101. Do you like sushi?
No. I don't like fish but would eat a non-fish related sushi item.

102. Do you get your hair cut every month?
Not quite. I try to keep it as it is a fleeting covering.

103. Do you go online everyday?
Just about everyday. 3-5 days of the week for 10-20 minutes.

That's a lot more about me than you might have expected to know or learn. I know that there are a couple of questions missing from the sequence (not for any reason in particular) so if you have a question you would like to see in there, then comment away.

03 July 2008

My Top Three- Places You'd Go On A Missions Trip

1). Ireland... never a question, my world's most wanted destination
2). Thailand
3). Ecuador... at the moment... but where God leads

2&3 are Compassion related.

06 June 2008

My Top Three- Places To Order Fries

1). Mr G's (Chicago) They come in a brown bag, salted and ketchup layered
2). McDonald's... kids love them, so do I
3). Wendy's ... `specially the well cooked ones and they square cut them.

there is this restaurant in Venice, Italy that has fresh cut fries that rock.

05 June 2008

My Top Three- Charities

1). Compassion Canada
2). Samaritan's Purse
3). Easter Seals

04 June 2008

My Top Three- Birds

1). Chickadees
2). American Goldfinches
3). Eagles... in flight

03 June 2008

Howl Away

"He who cannot howl will not find his pack"
-Charles Simic, poet

Sometimes it is hard to hear advice, especially if you are not ready for it. You can find yourself misinterpreting it or worse yet have no idea what is being shared. It is a real shame when you ignore advice from those closest to you (especially if they have a vested interest in your well-being). And harder still when you ignore their advice to go and ask for advice from people you don't know. Happens all the time. What is the benifit of 'being there' when that happens?

Any advice out there on that?

30 May 2008

My Top Three- Cola Flavors

1) Barq's Root Beer (it's got bite!)
2) red cream soda
3) Sprite

29 May 2008

28 May 2008

My Top Three- Cars (Vehicles really)

1) 300
2) old Dodge Charger type
3) Hummer

Planes, Trains & Automobiles, and oh yeah, boats too!

It shouldn't be hard to get to somewhere from where we are. Simple planning usually does the trick. What will get us there? Which way will we take? What route do we follow? What will be the cost?

So we have been planning a trip in Europe and figure it should be straight forward enough. Leave, go and come back. Right? I think planning a trip before there was internet might have been easier than now. Today we get to see each place, see what each company offers, and compare it with others or even against itself and collector sites (resellers) to find the best deals out there.

One choice between two places would be so much easier.

We know we need to fly. Simple. Really. With connector flights, multi-city options, one leg flights, cost-saver airlines, and buy now deals... it is just ridiculous. Not all the flight options are money savers. We had one roundtrip flight say that it would cost $10,800 for two. No thanks (Air Italia).

27 May 2008

Welcome to Italy

In less than three weeks we are off to Europe. This girl might greet us at one of the hotels that we stay in. If everyone is as pleasant looking as she is that we should have no trouble having a fabulous trip. I don't want to over hype the trip. Just enjoy it for what it is. The best part, by far, will be the company I will be with. Everything else is a bonus. Hope to see the Eiffel Tower, but it looks like we may not be able to get that way.

10 May 2008

Measure Of This Man

In a slow manner I've begun to read The Measure of a Man by Gene Getz. This book is not the book of his that I wanted to start reading (he has written a few) but it is the one I know I need to read first. I have the 17th printing (1964) edition with 218 pages to get through.

The challenge is this: the format. Each chapter is self contained with a personal project at the end to develop a particular quality and make it a part of my life. This will hopefully be a productive springboard in a continuing journey.

I progress.

The Return

Tax time for most is a dreaded time of year. Scrounging up paperwork, records... figuring out the totals... did the one get carried... do I get a refund or do I owe. For me, I never like this time of year, not because of the fear of owing... (just the hassle of gathering all of the needed figures and records). Having a look back at a years worth of transactions can uncover a lot of truth and emotion. 2007 was a rough year overall and the transactions show it. Why I don't like this time of year is I can file away the figures but I cannot file away the emotions. I wish... I wish... I wish... someday,... maybe?

12 April 2008

smushed boobs

I am just happy to be here.

i have never been a huge fan of Pamela Anderson. Baywatch... mmah. Her movies were just awright... My wife was looking on an entertainment site (i think it was for US magazine) and they had a feature showing pictures of what they thought were smushed boobs and included this picture of Pamela. She has had enhancements, then taken them out, then put them back in. Does that kind of action make sense? Is it for personal reasons or for her is it an opportunity to enhance her marketability? She does have large breasts and they do seem smushed in this picture but what is on her mind? I look at the expression in this picture and think that either her dress is too tight or the crown on her head is dug in a little too deep or maybe one change too many, if you know what i mean... The eyes say it all.

15 March 2008

If I had to step it up


It's a wierd question to have to take on, wierder still that I got this link from a youth pastor. Fun to know, I could take them.

01 March 2008

Getting dumped

Today it is going to snow. Do you know how much we are going to get? It starting to become a challenge to figure out exactly how much we are supposed to get. At this point of the year, any amount is too much.

I am listening to weather reports on the radio stations and they are all saying the same thing these days. I know that they all get their reports from Environment Canada and that the stations I am listening to are owned by the same company, but I am not interested in doing math to figure out exactly how much snow to expect.

They said today. Up to 2cm in the morning. 2 to 5cm in the afternoon with a winter storm advisory in the afternoon followed by 10 to 15cm overnight. Then another 2to 4cm the next morning.

So are we really expecting 16 to 26cm over the course of the day? Are they spreading the snow out over the day to give themselves something to talk about? Or would it be more sensational to talk about the Blizzard of `08! March is roaring in like a lion, but they are making it seem like it's a stuffed toy. Roar.

Am I too pretty?

The below article is from a Tampa Bay newspaper report this week. Do you think they were too pretty or just victims of their own circumstances? How do you go about determining who is too pretty? What do you use to measure the level of prettiness? Do you have to stand beside a Richard Simmons cutout and pretty it out for boarding judges? Guess we'll have to drive if we want to get around the southwest!

Prejudice against pretty?

That's the claim from a pair of 18-year-old best friends from Oldsmar who were escorted off a Southwest Airlines plane.

USF student Nisreen Swedberg and friend Sarah Williams claim the flight crew was rude to them from the moment they stepped onto the plane at Tampa International Airport on February 14.

Swedberg said she asked a flight attendant for a bottle of water and was told she could wait until the rest of the flight was served.

“And I patiently waited and then when they came around with water, they skipped me,” Swedberg said.

At one point, Williams had to use the plane's bathroom. She saw another passenger in it, and when he hadn't come out 15 minutes later, she knocked on the door.

When he came out, Williams says the man came over to her seat and yelled a profanity at her. Williams admits she yelled a profanity back at him but was puzzled when she says the flight crew only questioned her.

“I think they were just discriminating against because we were young decent-looking girls. I mean, nobody else on the plane looked like us except us,” she said. “[The flight attendants] were like older ladies. We were younger. Who knows, they could have been just jealous of us because we were younger.”

Southwest defends the incident, saying the women caused a disruption on the flight.

When the plane landed in Los Angeles, the women were escorted off by four uniformed police officers and later questioned by the FBI.

Nearly two hours later, the women were released. No charges were filed.

Still, Williams and Swedberg say they were banned from all future Southwest Airlines flights, including their scheduled flight home to Tampa.

Swedberg spent $419.50 on a one-way return ticket and arrived at TIA on Monday. Williams is still in Los Angeles trying to find a cheaper flight home. She hopes to be back to Tampa by Saturday.

25 January 2008

Wierd Words

A reasonably common word which contains all five vowels, each used once, and in their correct alphabetical order. What is it?

13 January 2008

blog block begone

I have had a lot to say over the past year but no real strong desire to get the words out... over the last two days i have seen enough to reenforce that feeling... i see something bloggable, but just cannot get it together to put it into text... i don't know what that makes it, but it's not nice...