30 May 2008

My Top Three- Cola Flavors

1) Barq's Root Beer (it's got bite!)
2) red cream soda
3) Sprite

29 May 2008

28 May 2008

My Top Three- Cars (Vehicles really)

1) 300
2) old Dodge Charger type
3) Hummer

Planes, Trains & Automobiles, and oh yeah, boats too!

It shouldn't be hard to get to somewhere from where we are. Simple planning usually does the trick. What will get us there? Which way will we take? What route do we follow? What will be the cost?

So we have been planning a trip in Europe and figure it should be straight forward enough. Leave, go and come back. Right? I think planning a trip before there was internet might have been easier than now. Today we get to see each place, see what each company offers, and compare it with others or even against itself and collector sites (resellers) to find the best deals out there.

One choice between two places would be so much easier.

We know we need to fly. Simple. Really. With connector flights, multi-city options, one leg flights, cost-saver airlines, and buy now deals... it is just ridiculous. Not all the flight options are money savers. We had one roundtrip flight say that it would cost $10,800 for two. No thanks (Air Italia).

27 May 2008

Welcome to Italy

In less than three weeks we are off to Europe. This girl might greet us at one of the hotels that we stay in. If everyone is as pleasant looking as she is that we should have no trouble having a fabulous trip. I don't want to over hype the trip. Just enjoy it for what it is. The best part, by far, will be the company I will be with. Everything else is a bonus. Hope to see the Eiffel Tower, but it looks like we may not be able to get that way.

10 May 2008

Measure Of This Man

In a slow manner I've begun to read The Measure of a Man by Gene Getz. This book is not the book of his that I wanted to start reading (he has written a few) but it is the one I know I need to read first. I have the 17th printing (1964) edition with 218 pages to get through.

The challenge is this: the format. Each chapter is self contained with a personal project at the end to develop a particular quality and make it a part of my life. This will hopefully be a productive springboard in a continuing journey.

I progress.

The Return

Tax time for most is a dreaded time of year. Scrounging up paperwork, records... figuring out the totals... did the one get carried... do I get a refund or do I owe. For me, I never like this time of year, not because of the fear of owing... (just the hassle of gathering all of the needed figures and records). Having a look back at a years worth of transactions can uncover a lot of truth and emotion. 2007 was a rough year overall and the transactions show it. Why I don't like this time of year is I can file away the figures but I cannot file away the emotions. I wish... I wish... I wish... someday,... maybe?