27 February 2006

The Circumstances

That the circumstances don't determine our success, but we merely work with the circumstances to become successful.
-Rich DeVos, January 1974

that's a lot of difference.

That's Life

I took a test today that asked this question: If you've found your soul mate, can you still have doubts? The answers you could choose were- 1) Yes, that's life. 2) No, if you still have doubts, they aren't your soulmate. I answered yes initally. Human nature to me is to doubt. So I would have no problem to with doubting even though I'd be sure I've found my soulmate. But with a second thought (as they always are) I might be leaning more to the second answer. I have a true love theory... which never worked this question into the equation. Back to the drawing board? Maybe not. Where do you stand?

25 February 2006

The Best

Who were the two artists of ancient times who competed to see who could paint the visible world most faithfully? "Now I shall prove to you that I am the best," said the first, showing the other a curtain which he had painted. "Well, draw back the curtain," said the adversary, "and let us see the picture." "The curtain is the picture," replied the first with a laugh.
-Nikos Kazantakis

14 February 2006

The First Day

Wasn't sure if I would come to the point of making a blog. Nothing to really blog about. Why would I want to write anything online, especially if I don't even keep a diary. Here it is though. If it's free, then why not.