12 April 2008

smushed boobs

I am just happy to be here.

i have never been a huge fan of Pamela Anderson. Baywatch... mmah. Her movies were just awright... My wife was looking on an entertainment site (i think it was for US magazine) and they had a feature showing pictures of what they thought were smushed boobs and included this picture of Pamela. She has had enhancements, then taken them out, then put them back in. Does that kind of action make sense? Is it for personal reasons or for her is it an opportunity to enhance her marketability? She does have large breasts and they do seem smushed in this picture but what is on her mind? I look at the expression in this picture and think that either her dress is too tight or the crown on her head is dug in a little too deep or maybe one change too many, if you know what i mean... The eyes say it all.