29 August 2009

Houses and Buildings. The entry.

Darn it. I missed the entry deadline. I had it in my head that it was the 31st, not the 25th.
Next time.
I have the next catagory: In my neighborhood.
Time to brainstorm.

10 August 2009

House & Buildings

That is the subject that I have to interpret and photgraph by the 25th of August. I should be able to do that. I have always wanted to use my photography and try to enter some contests to try and win a prize but never actually got around to doing it. No more. I will enter this one and after the entry I will post my submission and any feedback (if any) about the shot selected and I will try to, at the very least, link to the winner of the contest or post it here.

Good luck to me. And to you if you choose to enter (Canadian entrys only).

Each month, Photo Life Newsletter subscribers have the opportunity to win terrific prizes by entering our on-line photo contest. It's easy and it's free! Just check the themes and follow the instructions to send your winning shots.
August 2009 edition:Theme: Houses and Buildings
Deadline: August 25, 2009
Prize: Fujifilm FinePix F200 EXR digital compact camera (approx. retail value: $399)
Instructions: Submit a maximum of 3 images per theme (JPEG format only; image width from 400 to 2000 pixels; files must not exceed 1 MB). Indicate the name of the theme in the 'subject line'. Indicate your name, mailing address, and telephone number in the e-mail. Indicate the title of the image as the name of the file.

The contest is also sponsored by www.fugifilm.ca

04 August 2009

Live for Now

Live for the now.

As in take this moment and make it yours. Do what you need to get it done. Have something that you have been putting off? No longer. Get it done.

A guy, that frequents the same Starbucks as I do, said the same -to that effect.

It's not a new concept. Not really a rehash of an old one either. Just a matter of fact statement of what his view in life is right now. From what I know about him, according to him, he has never held a job (working for someone else). He recently took up a job, at his doctor's request, as a commisionaire. For health reasons.