16 March 2009

Another Pot A Brewing

It is true. I drink too much coffee. I have had seven cups worth today. I don't even like coffee. The real reason is because my wife likes coffee and I want to relate with her. So learning to drink coffee is my starting point in that traffic jam of relationship building.

something I stumbled across:

Caffeine Consumption

Here are the top five "caffeinated" cities in the U.S., according to a recent poll by HealthSaver. The study measured caffeine intake in coffee, tea, soda, energy drinks, chocolate, and caffeine pills.

1. Tampa
2. Seattle (#1 in coffee consumption)
3. Chicago
4. New York (#5 in soft drink consumption)
5. Los Angeles

13 March 2009


Nothing ruins my appetite quite like hiccups. I hate them awefull. I can't enjoy my food when I have them. The poorly timed hiccup when I am, mouth opened, taking a bite of some food combined with the irritating intake of air and food with the sound of the hiccup. Gives me a slight headache too.

Mind over matter. Still can't win. No solutions required. Thanks.

Got the hiccups during tonights supper and have spent the last 20 minutes trying to get rid of them before finishing the meal off, which was delicious! Lime chicken wings. Yum.

09 March 2009

P90X a la carte, bags of oats and a certain deja vue

The Deja Vu

My daughter (4) loves to watch videos. And this morning it feels like deja vu. It feels like I've posted this post before, while she is watching a spiderman video about the green goblin and my disco profile picture and web surfing feeling. I know that I haven't done it like this before, but it feels so real as a repeat kind of event!

P90X a la carte

Last night was a lot of fun. The wife and I did a 45 minute P90X workout without Tony Horton. It was a best of P90X kind of thing, where we included our favorite exercises (hers were Kempo'd, not my favorite!) and included our Tony sayings. "Ain't nobody gonna lift more than me!" It was hard to keep the focus, I like the video layout to see how to do it. But it was worth it to see QM's running man plyo routine!

Bags of Oats.

What are you working on today? That's the question I ask my dad-in-law when he comes over to our house. It's really code for, "what help can I give you with what project?". So today's project was loading about 20 bags of 25kg oats and about 10 bags of 40kg oats on his truck to take to a feed store. Ugh, like I want to do arms and back this morning! It helps him out though, which I don't mind. He does a lot to help us out, just wish that every time he came over wasn't attached to a request to get something done!

The Zombie

My wife finally woke up! It's 1PM and she slept for hours. Now she is looking for brains. Won't find any here!

08 March 2009

it spreads so nicely!

I love Nutella. The hazelnut spread is a-ma-za-zing. We went on a trip to Italy last summer and were introduced to the taste every breakfast. They had these mini servings that we would spread on our breads. To die for. Thank goodness they have it here at home. We go through a bottle (I should say that I go through a bottle) about every three weeks or so.

I might have enjoyed my PB sandwiches more if I had tasted this when I was growing up!