23 August 2008

Vitamin Use Linked To Weight Loss

This is an article taken from the summer 2008 issue of the Health Journal:

Regular multivitamin use may reduce appetite in women aiming to lose weight, and is linked with lower body weight and fat mass in men, according to findings from Laval University, Quebec.

The study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, indicates that food restrictions, the basis of many diets, also reduces the body's intake of essential nutrients, which can affect hunger. This could be because some vitamins and minerals are involved in the synthesis of various hormones and signalling pathways in the brain that control food intake, suggest the researchers.

Vitamins. Are they good for you or just a waste of money and time? I have a hard time to consistently take my vitamins. I figure though it is worth it to take them for me. For the most part I use just a daily multi. My meals are very randomly placed through the day and not always the best of quality (I like the junk food).

The kids take the Bugs Bunny multi-s on an irregular basis... pretty much for the same reason. Just to top it up.

What's your take on multivitamins? Do you take them? Notice a difference? Take them regularly? Think they are a waste of time? Weigh in...

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