23 August 2008

Feels So... Good For My Health?

According to an article in the September 2008 issue(p.169) of Men's Health, masturbation is good for your health.

A 2004 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that men who ejaculated 21 or more times a month were 33 percent less likely to develop prostate cancer. It appears that regularly evacuating your system may keep cancer-causing chemicals from building up in your prostrate.

Yet another reason for the cause. I'm just not so sure that evacuating your system so much would really lead to a reduction in prostrate cancer. What are the other factors involved with this study? Maybe these low risk guys eat a certain type of meal, work out at the gym, work as stockbrokers. Guess I know what needs to be done for better health. I love how it feels but I just don't have the time to fit in that many sessions. Really though, there are too many other things that need to get done for me to spend as much time as I would have to allow for this type of therapy. But, in the name of good health, I can (or will?) commit to this project.

So how do you squeeze all the time in needed to get over 21+ sessions?

Vitamin Use Linked To Weight Loss

This is an article taken from the summer 2008 issue of the Health Journal:

Regular multivitamin use may reduce appetite in women aiming to lose weight, and is linked with lower body weight and fat mass in men, according to findings from Laval University, Quebec.

The study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, indicates that food restrictions, the basis of many diets, also reduces the body's intake of essential nutrients, which can affect hunger. This could be because some vitamins and minerals are involved in the synthesis of various hormones and signalling pathways in the brain that control food intake, suggest the researchers.

Vitamins. Are they good for you or just a waste of money and time? I have a hard time to consistently take my vitamins. I figure though it is worth it to take them for me. For the most part I use just a daily multi. My meals are very randomly placed through the day and not always the best of quality (I like the junk food).

The kids take the Bugs Bunny multi-s on an irregular basis... pretty much for the same reason. Just to top it up.

What's your take on multivitamins? Do you take them? Notice a difference? Take them regularly? Think they are a waste of time? Weigh in...

07 August 2008

How much is too much?

How much is too much? Is there a reasonable limit to what one should pay for water?

How to lose 80lbs in six months

Now I've watched the movie 'Supersize Me' and seen the benefit of eating McD's over a period of time. Quite a sight. It didn't stop me from eating there, although it did help create awareness of making the right choices in what I pick to eat.

I just finished reading an article in our regional newspaper from about two months ago which is why I am on this topic. It was from the Associated Press about a man in Quinton, Va. The headline is "Man sheds 80 pounds over six months by eating at McDonald's". Here is the rest of the article.

A Virginia man lost about 80 pounds in six months by eating nearly every meal at McDonald's.

Not Bic Macs, french fries and chocolate shakes, but salads, wraps and apple dippers without the caramel sauce.

Chris Coleson tipped the scales at 278 pounds in December. The 5-foot-8 Coleson now weighs 198 pounds and his waist size has dropped from 50 to 36. The 42-year-old businessman form Quinton says he chose McDonald's because it's convenient.

So, we may have a new Jared. I think that it is great that he has lost 80lbs and just as great that he used McD's to get it done. It comes back to one thing. Making the right choices. Actually, it might be two things. It also takes the action to do the right thing. You can make the right choices, but you still need to follow through on it.