18 February 2010

Yes I am

A model of productivity.

At least in my mind. Never mind what you all think. I am getting things done.

Sort of.

First of all I am waiting for my local radio station to play Informer by Snow. That song and artist was a topic in one of the games played with a youth group that I help out with and I want to hear it today and hope that it is played on the radio that is usually on at my wife's work.

I have got some things done. Washed a load of laundry. Dried that same load. Washed one more load with another in the wings and then dry both.

Lots of accounting paperwork to be done. I really want it done. No reason not to. In fact it would probably help sway decisions about where to go on vacation, perhaps.

I've got a washroom that I want to tackle too. But that will probably have to wait.

And now I am hungry.