06 April 2018

Deep sunsets

I love the sunsets that gel the darkness with the warmth remnants of the day. O gentle breeze please me with that soft tussle.

19 December 2016

Time Passes

It's been such a long time since I've written here. A lot has changed in between. The in between. 

09 December 2011

Coloured Vatican

I had a great time in Italy with my wife. I hope we can go back again sometime soon. This was taken near the top of the Vatican and then coloured by me.

I feel out of place

Somedays it seems like I just don't fit in. I'm not saying that today is one of those days, but there are those days where it's like I'm from somewhere completely foreign to here.

26 November 2011


Saw this design on a shirt yesterday and thought it was a great way to promote Movember's cause.

18 February 2010

Yes I am

A model of productivity.

At least in my mind. Never mind what you all think. I am getting things done.

Sort of.

First of all I am waiting for my local radio station to play Informer by Snow. That song and artist was a topic in one of the games played with a youth group that I help out with and I want to hear it today and hope that it is played on the radio that is usually on at my wife's work.

I have got some things done. Washed a load of laundry. Dried that same load. Washed one more load with another in the wings and then dry both.

Lots of accounting paperwork to be done. I really want it done. No reason not to. In fact it would probably help sway decisions about where to go on vacation, perhaps.

I've got a washroom that I want to tackle too. But that will probably have to wait.

And now I am hungry.

30 December 2009

Snowman at Eight Feet

We had just the best day and the best time building this gimormous snowman. He is about eight feet tall and all five of us got outside to build him. Filling buckets of snow, scooping the snow, shaping the man, using a ladder to finish him up. Fun, fun, fun,

Christmas 2009

This is one of many of our Christmas photos. It takes a lot to get the right shot. Expressions, headwaving, lighting, batteries and all. But it is worth it to see a nice shot of all of us.

29 August 2009

Houses and Buildings. The entry.

Darn it. I missed the entry deadline. I had it in my head that it was the 31st, not the 25th.
Next time.
I have the next catagory: In my neighborhood.
Time to brainstorm.