17 April 2009

Pizza, Lobsters, and Shopping

i am sitting here waiting for my wife's nap to get over so we can go shop at walmart and ron jons and maybe flirt.


we had dominos for supper. I haven't had their pizzah in an age. I think last year in Boston. They have a deal that get you three Medium one toppers pizzah for $5 each. We took it and it was great. Ordered the boxes online. It's the first time that i have ordered food online and it was cool. I could see the options and coupons and what i was ordering. the food was ready in ten minutes. they called to see if we were on our way.


As I am waiting i look over at the three kids. One is sleeping. Two are watching Spongebob. All three look so, so red in the face. Very lobsterish. It is partially amuzing, but i sympathize with what pain they might be feeling. I have a burn too. Arrggh. We get covered with 60spf sunscreen, but still the sun fought through

Dream Icon
The wife is awesome. she gets the oddest tan lines. uses tons of sunscreen or none at all depending on the minute. Right now she has some lobster color too and it is of great appeal to me. When I visualize the 'perfect tan lines', she has them right now. Great appeal. I won't have to dream for a few weeks now!

The Shopping
We are supposed to get to Walmart tonight. I don't know that we will. We also have plans to go to Ron Jons. And I am trying to squeeze in a stop at either Beach Wave and/or Flirt. Trying to get wife to get a new swimsuit. It isn't working so well. She likes the idea of one, but doesn't like the prices having been spoiled by Value Village/Savers pricing and knowing that she has three suits now. I'd like to have her get a new one. One that fits and flatters the great body that she has. I've threaded some of the ideas of styles being considered on other threads. So we will see. We leave tomorrow and the next time a beach will be nearby could be months away.

Months away.

Months away.

Months away.

Months away.

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