17 April 2009

the beginning of the end

The EndWe are nearing the end of our vacation. it has been a great time. a few sunburns. a little tired. but no worse for wear. weather people were saying that today was about 75F, but it felt like a lot more in the sun minus the breeze. we spent yesterday and today at the pool doing very little beyond laying there or swimming. Today we went to the Atlantic Ocean to see what was going on there. A lot of people were doing the same thing. Nice beach. Crashing waves knocking kids over left and right. some guy build a sand hand sculpture on the beach. Kite flying. surfing. wind supported kite surfing. Pelicans. Seagulls. Sand. More sand. Except for the cool breeze it was a nice spot. The water was warm enough. And salty. The kids had fun running from the blanket to the water. From the water to the blanket. Back again. Chasing waves chasing kids chasing waves.

Marco Polo.

At the pool in the afternoon we had about eight or so kids playing Marco Polo. Some know how to play. Some don't. Some adults chime in from the poolside shouting out Polo in chorus with the kids in the pool. Some adults scold the other adults for playing Marco Polo. Good times.

Denny's or Lenny'sIn college, I had friends who made up a counter restaurant to Denny's called Lenny's. So every time a conversation is had about Denny's I automatically think about Lenny's, sometimes out loud even, like yesterday. We had supper at the nearby Denny's. It was our second attempt as a family at Denny's. I had eaten there before by myself with good success. Our first family outing to Denny's wasn't the most ideal experience. I had a good enough time but it brought enough hesitation to us eating there again. It was a good time. The food was good. The kids were content enough to eat all they could. I actually really enjoy my fahita steak wrap meal. The kicker was the $42 price tag. That's about $75 or $93 dollars Canadian for those of you doing exchange rate things. A bit unexpected from Denny's, even with five people. No desert tonight. The lady serving us was entertaining. The impression was that she was just starting out working there.

The BeginningSometime tomorrow we begin the long trek home. Don't know when we will leave exactly. Just know that the road will be long. the drive will be long. Hoping that the snow will be gone. We have one stop in Boston. But the getting there will be the fun part. No need for Pedros on the way back with us having stopped there on the way down. Happy trails.

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