17 September 2006

Tarred And Feathered

Paved With Good Intentions

Politics is interesting. Media approach can be interesting in politics, much more so during an election period. The problem can sometimes be that people do not care about what politicians have to say. Voting turnout records tend to back that up.

The question is, how do you get out a message that matters and is persuasive enough to create an increased response from the people needed to hear the message? Tv, radio, newspapers, press conferences, rallies and townhalls are the logical and traditional ways to set the 'winning' platform.

With new media the internet and all that it provides has turned into a growing grindmill for distributing the thoughtflow of parties involve. Unquestionably the internet has shifted the way politicians market themselves with many more 'grassroots people' becoming involved in the democratic process. Blogs, podcasts, videotubes, and other sites make it easier for everyone to be involved in one form or another. Of course not all the people are genuine in what they are trying to accomplish as you have people who work for the politicians directly marketing through the internet as if they are grassroot people.

An underused form of media that didn't seem to get overlooked in this particular election is attack ads by way of outdoor billboard advertising. I love billboard advertising. Quick, clever (sometimes) and to the point. This is the first time that I have seen political billboard ads depart from the usual standard and boring picture of the guy running with a stiff smile and party colours saying who he is and what party he represents. And I love it. Two excellent points made by two opponents on the one topic that is of interest to the voting area. If an election is decided on one message this would be it for this area.

If only this idea stays on in future elections. If only.

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