08 July 2006

So It Might Be A Gardening Blog

Do you like butter?

Extra points if you spot the cricket

I think it is only going to be a seasonal thing, but it seems that this blog has turned its thoughts towards flower gardening for now. I like photography and the easy thing to take pictures of right now is all of the flowers around in full bloom. I still have about twenty-two plants to get in the ground before they die on me. I've done quite good this year at getting most of them in, but the trouble now is keeping whatever animal it is from eating the leaves off of my Blackeyed Susans! I cannot think of which animal it would be... deer, groundhog, racoon, squirrel, dog, cats, fox, chipmunk- all these animals that have access to the plants right now. Makes it hard for the plants to survive for next year.
Not much else going on in the brain right now, although I am reading a book with writings from Thomas about Jesus that was discovered about sixty years ago.

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