01 July 2006

Might Be Sunshine Might Be Purple Rain

Mystery color number one

Well, I made it back to the garden centre that had the mystery colored coneflowers and was able to get a picture of the white flower. It's not that I find it to be an ugly color. It is just that I don't have a spot I want white coneflowers to be.

They package the flower as Sunshine with a yellowish hue to the petals. But that doesn't make it any more purple in any way... hope it rains.

Without this blog turning out to be a garden blog (not what I have in mind, just on it), I purchased 16 asianic lily flowers from HD yesterday for $2.88 a pot (8 yellow and 8 pink). The store had geraniums for that same price but I find them to be a bit messy and they have a smell that gets on your hands which I am not a big fan of. But they have this small tree ($29) which flowers pink in the spring and it's leaves turn purplish. I sort of want to get two of these for the front porch area and plant the 16 lilies around the two trees.


maranatha95 said...

IT sounds beautiful dear! But aren't those trees on for 15$ each? We'll have to get eavestrofing to protect them from the front veranda rain.

kingmedia said...

$29 was the price for an older tree and $15 for a younger tree. We've got umbrellas for the trees anyway if we need it. And there are these flaming trees too... but then you already knew that.