14 February 2009

I am the whipping boy

How I see Valentine

I wish I were getting spanked the erotic sense of the word, but not a chance. Nope. Instead I am here while my wife works. She went in to work an hour early and said that she may stay a couple of hours later past her shift time (it ends at midnight). Valentines Day sucks is great. No card from her. No card from me. Just a 'I'm off to work, happy valentines day' lean over and kiss me on the head kind of thing. Not much different than last night (two hours on the computer then falls asleep on the couch) or the past however many months days. I don't enjoy posting here anymore... to much negative about me being spread about. I am just tired of it all. You are supposed to be supportive and all that. Right. jUst keEp on blaming it all on me. I am the bad guy. Still.

In my other inbox

I have 2186 unread emails. All from people who care less about me and are just looking for ways into my wallet. It takes a lot of time to filter through them and I probably could just delete them all... except for the ones from puretracks (i like the FTOW)

For your brain

Find the synonymous word for each word in the following
pair. For each pair, the words you find should rhyme with
each other, the first word being an adjective and the
second a noun. Some of these are easy, others are more
challenging. Good luck!

For example: angry father = mad dad

sneaky insect
humorous rabbit
happy boy
muscular tune
close fright

Final thought

The radio said on Friday that a study shows that a large number of people have headaches on Valentines Day. I think that they might be on to something there. I have a huge migraine right now. I think it is great sucks.

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