03 February 2007

I Don't Drink Diet Pepsi

I'll stick with my life, thanks

There are a lot of things I don't do and drinking Diet Pepsi is one of those things. If you have seen any recent television ads for Diet Pepsi you will see a person asked to drink a can and they get asked if there is anything in their youth that they want to relive or have back again. The commercials cut to a shot of them in their desired state but with the awkward twist of being who they are and it doesn't work the way it used to. Wearing the tight (leather) jeans of the '80's and going to a business meeting in the '07's and falling on the floor because the pants were so tight and they couldn't sit down. When the flashline stops the commercial cuts back to the person and they say 'on second thought, I'll just stick with my Diet Pepsi'.

Great ad series really. Somethings never change and most other things always do and it's best to let things end where they should instead of trying to recapture the glory days gone by. Pepsi of course is saying that their Diet Pepsi is still the same as it was in the old days and that of course it is an easy thing to work into your life of today.

All of this is to say that I am having my Diet Pepsi moment right now. Not with something to do with me directly, but with my wife. She wants to become a respitory therapist someday and will have to go to community college at some point to pursue this desire. One of the classes she needs to take is either chemistry or physics. To take those course at the college would cost a couple of hundred bucks plus books and time to get to the school (45 minutes away). So enter the Diet Pepsi moment: I am married to a high school student! She can take either of the classes at our local high school (8 minutes away) for free and have it count to her requirements for the respitory therapist qualification. So she is taking a physics class at the high school with everyone else in the class being half her age (except for the teacher, maybe?).

Nothing wrong with persuing knowledge or bettering yourself educationally and she seems to be doing well with the course. It just seems that we are going through a series of Diet Pepsi moments with everything from the clothes see wears to class, how she hauls her books to class, the new lingo, dangle earrings, music interests and more. Not to mention the MILF factor that I know is running through the halls, which is kind of cool- knowing that I have a hot wife- but not in that I cannot capitalize on it. The changes are a bit overwhelming to me and makes it difficult to know who is coming in the door. Basically, keep your Diet Pepsi and your flashbacks, I'd like my life back.

The flipside of this maybe she will ask me to her prom or the any of the dances they might have. Better go get some lessons.

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