14 August 2006

Drawn In Sand

The ceasefire has been declared. Lines have been drawn but nothing really has been accomplished. Nothing, except for a lot of destruction (good time to be a contractor) and death. Isreal succeeds in pushing back the Hessbelah further away from the border. It fails at getting back the two soldiers that were kidnapped, which is what instigated the whole conflict.

It is reported by media as being a war. I just cannot see how it totally qualifies as being one. Sure the conflict lasted a few weeks. Sure Isreal jammed Lebenon full of holes with its aireal bombardment. Sure the Hessies bombed back. Sure they play the media pipebag well to create a storm of propagandal influence to sway world opinion in their favor.

It all comes back to branding. Which lends strongly to perception. Not to mention the stand on the whole affair by the United States. More on this topic for sure... in the next post. Think about this event until the next post: how does this assault compare to the Iraq/Kuwait entanglement?

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